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Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity roller conveyors, as the name suggests, simply uses gravity to transport products from point A to point B. Gravity conveyors are used in many industries as a cost effective solution to material handling requirements. Gravity roller conveyors require no power to operate, require very little maintenance, and they are easily repaired in the event of a breakdown.

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gravity roller converyors

Gravity roller are a popular choice is a variety of industries as these type of conveyors do not require any additional forces to move objects down the process line.

Gravity roller conveyors are widely used in distribution centres, the wood industry, and many manufacturing applications. Gravity roller conveyor systems rely on the initial force that is already imparted on the object as it enters the roller conveyor. Typically, this would come in the form of the initial force that the operative applies to the object as it is pushed onto the roller conveyor.

Advantages Of Gravity Roller Conveyor

Requires very little energy in relation to other processes.

Design flexibility based on operational requirements.

Speedy and low cost of installation & Minimal amount of maintenance required.

Roller conveyors compromise of cylinders on axle shafts giving allowing a very low friction surface to transport product. Low friction rollers mean that the minimum of gravitational force is required to make the rollers rotate. This type of roller conveyor is ideally suited to heavy-duty loads and is a tailor made solution for flat-bottomed objects.

Gravity roller conveyors are by far the most popular conveyor design used in industry. Gravity roller conveyors offer great support for the bottom surfaces of transported items. Although this type of roller conveyor can be used for cartons with irregular surfaces, care would need to be taken at the design stage to ensure product will not ‘mould’ to the shape of the rollers, thus stopping the travel of the product.

Level conveyors rely on product being manually pushed along to the next work point or operation. Gravity roller conveyors are positioned on a decline, allowing items to move down the roller conveyor to the desired location under gravity.

gravity conveyor trolley

Andrews Automation Ltd are able to offer an in-house design service with the facility to design a roller conveyor to suit your needs

AAL are able to offer a reliable, long-term solution based on the client product to be transported, rather than making the client product fit a ‘standard range’ of roller conveyor. All roller conveyors are made to order in lengths and widths to suit customer needs, and are designed around client load requirements. AAL also incorporate specially designed end-stops and flip stops that allow for easy and safe handling of a multitude of loads.

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