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During 2010/11 there were 55 deaths that were caused by Workplace transport
In total there were in excess of 5000 incidents that involved some type of injury ranging from minor bruising to life threatening.
Employee SafetyThe industries that featured with the highest number of these type of injuries included Construction, Transportation and Storage with large goods vehicles, and forklift trucks causing the greatest number of fatalities.
The law states that an employer must provide a safe place of work with safe access and egress.
If you have employee’s working in the same area that HGV’s and Forklift trucks are operating you are at risk as this is not a safe place of work.
One incident could place you:

  • At risk from investigation and prosecution from the HSE *(FFI)
  • At risk from loss of business from temporary or permanent suspension of your operation
  • At risk from the negative impact on the publicity surrounding the incident

*FFI – is Fee’s for Intervention. This is a charge made by the HSE when they investigate you that doesn’t result in a prosecution. The current charge is £124 per hour.
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