Offering Roller Conveyor Systems

Andrews Automation offer a comprehensive range of roller conveyor systems from gravity to powered systems.

Roller ConveyorRoller conveyor systems are one of the most common types of conveyors due to their multi-use as either powered or gravity rollers. Andrews Automation offer a complete range of roller conveyors, providing a comprehensive service from design, right through to installation and after sales support.
Gravity roller conveyor systems are generally used to transport pallets, trays, cardboard boxes, tote bins and plastic handling baskets. They work using the force of gravity to transport the products, these can be simple to use and effective on smaller systems. They can either be used to free-wheel products or can include a slight decline to allow products to roll naturally over the distance.
Powered roller conveyors using the Q89 powered rollers offer excellent return on investment and cost benefits due to their exclusive design and integration capabilities. This type of roller conveyor system allows products up to 2000kgs to be automatically handled reducing the need for labour to manually handle the products, as would be needed on gravity roller conveyor systems.
All our Q89 pallet handling equipment is easy to install and run, and offers excellent ROI cost benefits from the outset along with the following points ;

  • Excellent ROI cost benefits
  • Easy maintenance and servicing
  • Modular design integration
  • High load capacity on normal and palletised products
  • Longevity

Call our Applications Engineer 01405 768 900 to discuss your exact requirements. We can design bespoke solutions to your exact specification.

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