Pallet Conveyor Systems that offer a great ROI

Is your business looking to invest in an automation system that offers a great return on investment?

pallet conveyor systemsAndrews Automation offers a comprehensive range of pallet conveyor systems which promises to speed up and streamline your stock movement through conveyor automation. As well as providing streamlined stock movements, Andrews can also add additional processes to the system such as pallet wrapping and strapping, rotation and many other services.
pallet wrapping machineAndrews Automation recently installed pallet conveyor systems which included a wrapping and strapping process for a large packaging manufacturer. The automated wrapping system was part of the pallet conveyor and has saved the manufacturer £20,000 per year in wrapping media alone. This is on top of the reduced labour costs, faster processing times and reduction in downtime. The previous system involved a large manual process which used excessive amounts of packing material and a large labour force to process the stock movement. This was all changed with the pallet conveyor system which also saw a noticeable improvement in the health and safety on the warehouse floor with a reduced number of staff and many manual processes no longer needed.
pallet strapping machineAndrews Automation offer a unique combination of engineering skills and a wealth of experience in providing materials handling solutions both simple and complex, tailored to suit individual requirements in a wide range of industries.
We have a comprehensive range of equipment available to provide complete automated turnkey materials handling systems, including design, installation and commissioning conveyors with integrated controls and software. We also incorporate full project management to co-ordinate our mechanical and electrical conveyor installation teams in-line with the customers overall project program.

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