Bespoke Roller Conveyor Options from Andrews Automation

Andrews Automation Ltd is widely recognised for providing a broad range of materials handling products and services however, the ‘bread and butter’ system that pays the bills is roller conveyors,  and in particular, roller conveyor for pallet handling.

We are able to provide solutions for applications where small units are being handled, such as customer totes or cartons. Systems can be made just a couple of hundred millimetres wide and a metre or two long. Roller Conveyors can be non-powered ( or gravity fed ), powered, or powered with Zero Line Pressure (ZLP) accumulation capabilities. Where we excel the most though is with our heavy duty pallet roller conveyors.

Roller conveyors are designed for heavy duty applications with quality and system longevity in mind. If anything, fabrications tend to be slightly over engineered with a view to providing a fit and forget solution. Powered systems are designed with SEW Eurodrive geared motors, although we are able to provide an alternative manufacturer of drives upon request.

Subject to load requirements and conveyor widths, roller conveyor systems for pallet handling are usually built utilising 89mm diameter rollers allowing the conveyor to carry weights in the region of 1500kg per linear metre. Although there is a preference for chain driven roller conveyor, on occasions where the application sees fit, or upon client request, we are able to design our roller conveyor with a belt driven design.

When providing Zero Line Pressure solutions, we look to keep zone sensors away from where they can be accidentally moved or damaged. This photo shows how then sensors are hidden within the system to provide protection and a sleeker look:

Pallet Detection
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