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Automation – Business existence could depend on being ruthless with slow movers

One obvious outcome of the massive demand for online shopping and for e-fulfilment and multi-channel distribution centres is that the measure of success will depend on how quickly and flexibly the various automated handling systems can deal with a greatly expanding market. For certain areas of retailing however, such as the fashion industry, there is another emerging issue.   The massive…
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24-hour operation with Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyors bring a varying range of efficiencies to a wide range of sectors all over the world. Automated solutions that incorporate roller conveyors can in fact increase worker morale, and reduce time and money spent in day-to-day activities. Simply speaking, these solutions transport items from point A to point B, and in many industries, companies have a network of…
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2016. The Year Warehouse Automation Fixes Your Labour Shortage?

Warehouse automation and software usually are touted as a solution in order to improve productivity and reduce costs in a distribution centre. Increasingly, automation also gives companies new tools in coping with the never-ending competition for labour and, in many rural markets, chronically small pools of labour. In a classic case of “there’s good news, and there’s bad news,” an…
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