Belt Conveyor

Returns Handling Solutions from Andrews Automation

Andrews Automation Ltd has recently been awarded the contract to provide a centralised returns handling solution for a major distribution company. Following on from months of discussions and design work, a centralised returns handling system has been devised to remove the need for the Client’s network of satellite facilities, of which there are many, to process their own product returns…
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Conveyor Systems

Chain Conveyor Solutions from Andrews Automation Ltd

Chain conveyors are a diverse alternative to the ever popular roller conveyor systems. Their inherent simplicity makes them an ideal choice for many applications, especially when looking to transport irregular loads such as cages and stillages. Chain conveyors can be designed in various widths, lengths and speeds to suit the needs of the client. Chain conveyors are also fairly uncomplicated…
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Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyor Solutions

Although Andrews Automation Ltd provides a wide and varied range of pallet handling and conveyor solutions, we have built up reputation for providing first class roller conveyor solutions for all kinds of industry.  Whether you require low cost, easy to use non-powered roller conveyor, or automated Zero Line Pressure ( ZLP ) solutions that buffer or queue products as part…
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