Innovative Handling Solutions from Andrews Automation Ltd

Here at Andrews Automation Ltd we strive to develop materials handling solutions that are ‘future-proof’ and will stand the test of time. Where possible, and where the application is suitable, we look to offer the latest technology in conveyors and material handling systems.
As is the case in many industries, the latest technology tends to come at a price. The initial outlay for some of these ‘cutting-edge’ systems can be costly compared to more standard or traditional methods. However, in most cases these innovative handling solutions can make significant improvements in process flow, product throughput, process accuracy, health and safety, staff and other operational costs. Many solutions are easy and quick to maintain, with others requiring very little maintenance at all.
Working closely with strategic product partners, we are able to great solutions that maximise space in even the smallest premises. A great way of optimising space is to utilise the roof space. Andrews Automation offer light and medium duty conveyor systems that offer a safe and efficient way to transport product around a facility without impacting on existing asset footprints.   They also have the added bonus of incorporating the drive systems at floor level, and the ability to make belt repairs at floor level too, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Sortation systems can also be incorporated into roof spaces too. Solutions can be designed to transport goods overhead to different parts of the facility, or onto mezzanine structures ready for processing. Our systems can handle boxed or bagged product, or even individual items such as cartridges or even clothing returns.

Pallet Conveyor Systems
Cold Storage Pallet Handling Solutions

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