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Cold Storage - Pallet HandingAndrews Automation Ltd have developed a reputation over the years for providing bespoke client solutions for a variety of applications, some of which are required to operate in harsh and demanding environments. Here at Andrews Automation we can supply pallet handling solutions and conveyor systems for a multitude of industries, including cold storage facilities and distribution.
Our approach to creating customer solutions allows our design team to create a system around client project requirements:

  • The items being handled, however large or small
  • The required product throughput
  • The designated footprint area given to work with
  • Client budget limitations
  • The environmental conditions it is required to operate in

Cold storage pallet handling solutions in particular is an area that Andrews Automation have worked effectively in over recent years as clients are looking to minimise the loss of temperature when transporting product in an out of cold storage. This problem can be significant, particularly during the hotter summer months. In a recent project, we were given the opportunity to tender for a cold storage pallet handling solution that both minimised loss of temperature and reduced the amount of warehouse staff required to operate in the colder areas of the facility.
We initially set about designing a two tier chain conveyor system suitable for operation in temperatures of around -24˚ to -26˚ which allowed pallets to be fed from a refrigerated into the colder freezer area without the need for FLT’s to operate permanently within the freezer. This ‘ticked two boxes’ as it made throughput into the freezer quicker and more efficient whilst reducing the need for workers to operate in minus temperature conditions.
Following on from the success of this design, we then proceeded on adapting our robot palletiser system to work in the refrigerated area of the same facility. This was looked at to assist with palletising boxed product as it came into the facility. The client was looking for a solution to enable to product to get into the freezer warehouse quickly and efficiently without compromising the quality of the raw product. Our design team came up with a robot palletiser that incorporated a vacuum head system, leaving the client only requiring to feed the developed system. The palletisation process and feed into the freezer facility was now automated.
The benefits of this particular system include:

  • Increased throughput at a constant rate
  • Constant quality of pallet stacking
  • Reduced product spoilage
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Improvement in working conditions of warehouse staff
  • Up to 24/7 system availability

Palletising systems of this design and their integrated pallet handling conveyors can be supplied with pallet dispensing and stacking systems, as well as pallet strapping and pallet wrapping solutions.
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