Roller conveyors to suit all applications

Roller ConveyorsAndrews Automation Ltd have been assisting industry with their materials handling and conveyor system requirements for nearly 15 years, and many of our integrated systems have incorporated some form of roller conveyor solution.
Where Andrews differ from many of our competitors is our ability to design a roller conveyor solution to suit client needs and requirements. Trying to make ‘stock’ conveyor sizes fit certain applications can potentially end up making solutions ultimately inefficient and less cost effective, which is why our in-house design team spend time on each project to ensure we give the client the best value for money.
Andrews Automation Ltd provide non-powered roller conveyor solutions as well as powered roller conveyor solutions. We can design in the correct diameter roller, correct roller length, and the correct roller pitch in order to minimise the amount of hardware required. This allows us to keep manufacturing costs down to a minimum and ultimately save time on maintenance.
Roller conveyor can be designed for a varied range of environments including outdoor, chilled, or freezer applications. Rollers can also be provided with various coverings if they are being used to handle delicate goods or in cases where marking of product needs to be avoided.
Andrews Automation Ltd specialise in the supply of powered roller conveyor solutions and in particular, applications where a buffering or queuing system is required. Zero Line Pressure solutions require the minimum amount of energy to be used, whilst at the same time minimises product damage as each unit is protected within it’s own conveyor zone. Product passes down the line based on the next zone being unoccupied. Once again, as our systems are designed and built in-house, zones can be created to suit the product the roller conveyor is handling.
Andrews Automation Ltd take care of all elements of supply including design, build ( both mechanically and electrically ), in-house and on-site test, install and commissioning.
For more information on our powered or non-powered roller conveyor, please contact our Sales Team on 01405 768900 or email

Andrews Automation's latest integrated conveyor system designed for the Contract Packing industry
Tailor-made conveyor systems to suit all applications

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