chain conveyor lineup

Pallet Handling with Chain Conveyors

Andrews Automation Ltd has a broad range of pallet handling and conveyor systems to suit most applications. A very dynamic and versatile solution is our chain conveyor. Chain conveyors are generally used when clients need to move heavy loads such as stillages, pallets and other similar items around their facility. This type of solution is very beneficial due to its…
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Cold Storage - Pallet Handing

Cold Storage Pallet Handling Solutions

Andrews Automation Ltd have developed a reputation over the years for providing bespoke client solutions for a variety of applications, some of which are required to operate in harsh and demanding environments. Here at Andrews Automation we can supply pallet handling solutions and conveyor systems for a multitude of industries, including cold storage facilities and distribution. Our approach to creating…
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Innovative Car Handling Solutions

Innovative Handling Solutions from Andrews Automation Ltd

Here at Andrews Automation Ltd we strive to develop materials handling solutions that are ‘future-proof’ and will stand the test of time. Where possible, and where the application is suitable, we look to offer the latest technology in conveyors and material handling systems. As is the case in many industries, the latest technology tends to come at a price. The…
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